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An exciting start to the RVTS training year!

The beginning of a new year is always an exciting time and 2022 has been no exception, writes RVTS’s Director of Training, Dr Ronda Gurney.

Dr Ronda Gurney, RVTS Director of Training.

2022 has got off to a sprinting start, with the RVTS training year kicking off at the end of January. We’ve reconnected with previous cohorts after the festive season, and welcomed new registrars and supervisors into the RVTS family.

The enthusiasm and excitement in the breakout discussion groups at the 2022 orientation webinar and virtual workshop has set the tone for the year ahead – one of expectation and aspiration to achieve significant goals in the next 12 months.

The Education Team is set and ready to support our registrars to achieve the goal of becoming the best GP they can be in their rural, remote and First Nations community while on their journey to Fellowship.

The webinar program for all three registrar cohorts is underway, with first years focussing on acute and common presentations, second years looking at undifferentiated medical problems, and third year topics concentrating on higher order skills like appraisal, practice management and research.

With ongoing COVID and state-border challenges (not to mention the workforce shortages that many of our rural, remote and Aboriginal Medical Service locations are facing), the 2022.1 Workshop will again be a virtual event, building on the success of previous virtual workshops over the past two years. We do, however, look forward to the opportunity to meet again face-to-face later in the year!

The first Clinical Teaching Visits (CTVs) for the year have been booked in and some have already taken place – the rest will follow soon over the next few months. The high-quality CTVs and reports are appreciated by registrars, as reflected in the feedback we receive, highlighting the value of the opportunity to be observed and receive feedback during a session of consultations.

Supervisor Support and Fellowship Exam Support is up and running for the year, and there is plenty to look forward to in 2022 with supervisors and registrars being invited to review resources and attend various webinars, workshops and bootcamps.

With so much going on, and so much to look forward to, I’d like to wish you all every success in 2022. May the year continue as it has started – with purpose and ambition to achieve new heights. 

Dr Ronda Gurney

March 2022