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And that’s a wrap!

In this end of year update, RVTS Director of Training, Dr Ronda Gurney, shares her views on the year that was...
and how RVTS fared in navigating the uncertainties of COVID.

Dr Ronda Gurney, RVTS Director of Training.

Thanks to the RVTS education and program support teams for yet another jam-packed year of education activities that were delivered successfully and received enthusiastically.

Despite the continued challenges of the COVID environment, the RVTS program has not faltered, but has grown from strength to strength. 

From webinars to workshops to exam prep to online learning to cultural education to supervisor support to clinical teaching visits – each program area has been affected by the curve-balls and challenges posed in 2021, and has risen to the occasion. 

We consistently delivered the program to the same high quality that RVTS is renowned for, and managed to forge ahead with ideas for future education planning.

On a personal note, I have been inspired by how the RVTS team, including registrars and supervisors, have responded and flourished in such demanding and uncertain circumstances.  

Challenges have been redefined as opportunities; tricky conundrums have brought teams together; difficulties have revealed new strengths and resources; and a genuine concern for and willingness to address the wellbeing of self and others has been evident. 

Well done team!

We look forward to another great year ahead – we are ready for the challenges of 2022 as we build on the successes of the past 12 months.

Onwards and upwards….!

Dr Ronda Gurney

December 2021