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Jo Brancato

Tell us about your childhood – where were you raised?

I grew up in Mill Park (Melbourne), Victoria with my parents and younger sister.

What is one of your earliest memories from your childhood or youth?

Pottering around as a toddler with my grandfather in his garden with lots of fruit and vegetable plants. (Hasn’t made me a green thumb though!)

Did you spend much time in rural Australia – and if so, where?

Not much time rurally, apart from a few weeks in the NT camping.

What field did you train in once you left high school?

I started a Bachelor of Arts and Commerce degree at Deakin University straight out of high school, and my first job was as a waitress in a restaurant.

Where did your career path take you before you joined RVTS?

I was a Project Management Officer at a superannuation organisation. Prior to that a Campus Manager at a Diploma of Nursing school.

What does your role at RVTS involve?

I support a number of registrars with their training here at RVTS. I also co-ordinate Clinical Teaching Visits for each registrar.

What appeals to you most about working with us?

I love working for an organisation that is making a difference to those that live in rural and regional areas.

What interests do you have outside work? 

Our family loves heading out to different nature spots on weekends for a bit of a walk and a picnic.                 

Favourite movie?

My most recent favourite movie is Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds.

What are some of the countries you have travelled to – and what were your favourite destinations?

I haven’t travelled much (except for a trip to Disney World in Orlando) but my next stop will be to Italy to visit my family’s home town in Francofonte, Sicily.

Thanks very much for letting us know a little more about you, Jo!