Targeted recruitment

RVTS has expanded its traditional workforce retention and training model by recruiting doctors to targeted remote communities with high medical workforce need.

In 2018 the initial pilot of the program has successfully secured the services of  four full-time doctors to communities of Mallacoota (VIC) Cunnamulla (QLD), Lightning Ridge (NSW) and Bourke (NSW).

A full list of new Targeted Recruitment positions will be available in February 2019. Successful applicants will be eligible to commence RVTS training in either August 2019 or February 2020.

Targeted recruitment positions utilise existing RVTS training positions and infrastructure. The aim is to enhance the attractiveness of these rural and remote posts to high quality applicants and thus provide these communities with a well-supported and functioning GP workforce.

How it works

Each year, RVTS seeks the nomination from the Rural Workforce Agencies and State Government Departments of Health, for communities with high medical workforce need that would benefit by having a RVTS registrar working at a specific location. RVTS uses the following criteria to select locations:

  • GP Community Care. The positions must be providing continuing comprehensive whole-patient medical care to individuals, families and their communities.
  • Remote geographic location. The locations must be within Modified Monash Model (MMM) Regions 4 to 7. For Aboriginal Medical Services, locations in MMM 2-3 will also be considered. Preference will be given to more remote locations.
  • High Medical Workforce Need. The positions must have a demonstrated and long-term high medical workforce need. Positions will normally require endorsement from the local Rural Workforce Agency, State Government Health Department, Primary Health Network or NACCHO State Affiliate.
  • National Spread. RVTS aims for an equitable national spread of training positions across the country based on current ABS population data.

A final list of endorsed locations for Targeted Recruitment is then advertised posted on the RVTS website (February 2019). Please note, RVTS will normally endorse double the number of locations than training positions available to ensure all training positions are filled.

Applicants are invited to apply to the locations for the position. Upon successful interview, the location then passes on the applicant's details to RVTS for further training specific assessment.

The first locations to recruit candidates who are successful through the RVTS selection process will be awarded the training. Where there are more candidates than training places per selection round, candidates will be ranked in accordance with RVTS selection criteria.

Successful candidates remain at the location for the three to four years of their training through to GP Fellowship of the RACGP, ACRRM or both.

Targeted Recruitment closing dates are different to the closing dates for RVTS general selection.

To download the 2019 recruitment guide, please click here

For further information please contact RVTS on 02 6057 3400.