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RVTS - Training and Retaining Doctors in Australian Communities for over 20 years

Wednesday 24 February, 2021

The latest RVTS4GPs blog features RVTS CEO Dr Pat Giddings and RVTS Supervisor Dr Sara Fergusson, as they reflect on how RVTS came into being - as the solution to a health workforce problem. 

More than 400 doctors have trained with RVTS, and over 300 small communities around Australia have been able to retain their doctor while the GP Fellowship training was undertaken.

One of the keys to the success of RVTS is that, as an organisation, it understands the unique challenges that rural, remote and Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) doctors face. RVTS reinforces and affirms doctor’s skills and their value within their communities and to Australia. RVTS provides understanding, support and friendship in addition to high quality medical education and Fellowship training.

You'll find this discussion, ...and more great resources at: RVTS4GPs  RVTS Blog posts are also published as podcasts which can be downloaded to mobile devices.

Subscribe now! RVTS4GPs is a med ed blog for doctors in Rural, Remote and First Nation communities which is compiled by RVTS Medical Educator Dr Ronda Gurney.