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ACRRM Distinguished Service Award Recipient 2020
- Veeraja Uppal

Thursday 10 December, 2020
RVTS Special Projects Development Officer - Veeraja Uppal

Congratulations to RVTS’ Veeraja Uppal, recipient of ACRRM’s Distinguished Service Award for significant contribution to rural and remote medicine over the last two decades.

This award is great recognition of Veeraja's efforts coordinating the RVTS Targeted Recruitment strategy, to recruit doctors to hard to fill locations, thereby improving access to medical services to Rural, Remote and a First Nation communities across Australia.

As Special Projects Development Officer at the Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS), Veeraja manages the operation and delivery of the Targeted Recruitment strategy to recruit doctors and improve access to medical services to rural, remote and First Nation communities across Australia. 

Veeraja also played an integral role in developing the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine’s (ACRRM) Rural Emergency Skills Training (REST) course which is delivered nationwide to rural doctors and is an essential part of the ACRRM curriculum for doctors training to become Rural Generalists (RGs). 

On accepting this Distinguished Service Award from ACRRM, Veeraja said: 

“It is an honour and privilege to receive the Distinguished Service Award ...I have been a long admirer and supporter of ACRRM in its provision of leadership and excellence in the training of rural doctors and RGs across Australia, which goes to the heart of supporting and sustaining vibrant, healthy communities.  “I am most grateful to all my present and past colleagues at RVTS and RWAV who I have worked and collaborated with, across this rich learning environment, over the past two decades. I am especially grateful to Dr Pat Giddings (RVTS CEO) and Dr Jane Greacen (former RWAV CEO) who have both supported and nurtured my professional development during this time.  

“They have provided me with the encouragement to develop and deliver highly innovative programs such as the REST course and RVTS Targeted Recruitment that have honed my outer skills, as well as the opportunity to work directly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities, that has provided me with deep cultural learning experiences and appreciation.

“I wholeheartedly thank ACRRM for bestowing me this award and I look forward to many future years of service."