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The RVTS Supervisor Handbook is provided to assist Supervisors in fulfilling this important role. Much of the information you need to know about the organisation, the staff and the educational processes of RVTS can be found in the RVTS Handbook.
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Supervisors intending to take leave must notify RVTS, by completing a leave application form prior to the leave period and forwarding to the RVTS office for approval
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Formative MiniCEX Scoring Form for use by supervisors
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To be completed by doctors with sufficient qualifications and experience to act as a supervisor/mentor, who would like to become an RVTS Supervisor.
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Claim for supervision time every 6 months
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This form is to be used for expense reimbursement. All claims for expense reimbursement must be accompanied by a relevant tax invoice.
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RVTS Ltd is a company limited by guarantee. Supervisors are encouraged to apply for admission as primary C members. Members are entitled to vote at General Meetings of RVTS Ltd as well as nominated as Directors of the RVTS Ltd Board.
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