Badu Island

Registrar experiences


Dr Rif Qamar
RVTS Registrar and GP Specialist in Peak Hill

RVTS helped me in a lot of different ways, especially in the preparation of the specialist exams. RVTS is a wonderful organisation which is not only helping doctors but organises workshops and supports people in all they do. I feel like it is big family.






Dr Ashraf Labib

RVTS Supervisor and GP Specialist in Central NSW

I think this is the best program in Australia – it supports rural doctors from a distance and gives them confidence and satisfaction. I thank RVTS for supporting me. I know the town appreciates me because I have stayed during and after training. RVTS is very supportive and so I fully recommend this program.



You can also watch videos where past and current registrars and supervisors talk about the program by clicking here