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Registrar Experiences


Dr Rachel Harvey
Former Registrar
2007 RACGP Registrar of the Year

The Remote Vocational Training Scheme is a unique experience, allowing those who choose to practise in remote locations that freedom of choice, while supporting them as individuals in their desire to achieve fellowship.

The design of the program provides maximum support and continues to stimulate learning each week through teleconferences, with interesting and up-to-date topics and presenters, without being an additional burden to your already precious time. The presenters are assembled from around Australia, all not just experts in their field, but good teachers, true educators - that’s what makes the difference. There are also more structured parts of the program, including three-way chats, mentor support, registrar support and a training manual called Gp Start.

Last but certainly not least, the camaraderie of such a unique group along with the quality medical educators, affords a feeling of belonging to a special group of people that I feel privileged to have been part of.   

Rachel Harvey 


Dan Harris 

Dr Dan Harris
Alice Springs, NT 

The first thing that strikes you after joining the RVTS programme is the genuine concern all the RVTS staff, supervisors and fellow registrars have, not only for your education and professional development, but also for the daily function of your practice and your personal well-being.

The methods utilised by RVTS are unique. I often receive jealous glances from registrars in other training programmes when discussing the twice yearly face-to-face workshops, or the weekly teleconferences. Both provide succinct educational material on topics relevant to rural and remote practice and achieving examination success, plus a forum to network with others working in remote environments.

Many excellent postgraduate training programmes exist in Australia, but I’m not aware of any others, providing doctors committed to generalist rural and remote practice, with a structured learning plan, significant social and financial support and a ‘personal touch’. Surrounded by a team like this, what’s the hurry in passing exams!


Dr May El-Khoury
Condobolin AMS, NSW

The day I was informed that I was successful to become part of the RVTS family I was very happy. However, after a while I have come to find that happy does not fully express my feelings.

Since the beginning, the application was simple, straightforward and brief. The interview was relaxing and enjoyable. It was my impression that the panel wanted to know how I much I was willing to learn, rather than how much I already knew.

To kick-off the program we had an introductory two-day workshop. Our weekly teleconferences became more enjoyable as the names already had faces and we became part of a big family! And the face-to-face workshops are amazing.

 As an overseas graduate doctor serving a remote community, I would have found it very difficult to undertake my fellowship without RVTS support. The team is great; the training program is very well established.

May El-Khoury