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Registrar Experiences


Dr Md Muzammel (Muz) Haque,
past RVTS Registrar, Berri, SA

Having attained my GP Fellowship in 2021, I would like to thank all those at RVTS.  You are amazing!  

I applied for the training program just a few days before the closing date – I was initially hesitant to be enrolled as I was concerned about time commitments. However, after I was selected and got to know more about the program, I found out how lucky I was to be part of RVTS and what I would have lost if I missed that opportunity. 

Everyone at RVTS has been helpful in every way. 


Dr Fiona Watson,
past RVTS Registrar, Childers, QLD

What I was looking for was a training provider that allowed me to stay in my community at all times ... the beauty of RVTS is that all the training is provided online - it comes to you. It's family-friendly ... why wouldn't I choose RVTS?

RVTS provided great support throughout my training. I completed my AST in Paediatrics in 2020, and have remained working in Childers as a GP and provide on-call support at the local hospital. With the support of the RVTS program, I navigated the Fellowship exams with ease – I am pleased now to have joined the RVTS ME team as a FACRRM Medical Educator.

With RVTS, I am committed to supporting Registrars to achieve Fellowship, while being able to continue the vital role they play in their community.


Doctors Ian Murphy and Erin Hawkey,
Registrars. Swan Hill, Victoria

We have a young family and we are both doing training - the flexibility that the RVTS program offered us is the most appealing part of it. It has been excellent that we have been able to stay in the same place while we study.


Dr Rif Qamar
past RVTS Registrar. GP Specialist in Peak Hill

I am a specialist as a result of the help from RVTS - I am so lucky to be part of this great organisation, they helped me all the way throughout
the program and were a great support to me. RVTS is a wonderful organisation and I would fully recommend it.



Dr Ashraf Labib

RVTS Supervisor and GP Specialist in Central NSW

I think this is the best program in Australia – it supports rural doctors from a distance and gives them confidence and satisfaction. I thank RVTS for supporting me. I know the town appreciates me because I have stayed during and after training. RVTS is very supportive and so I fully recommend this program.


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